Schools known by therapists all around the world.

The Ong's Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a renowned school for Thai massage therapy that is well-known among therapists worldwide. Numerous therapists have graduated from the main school and spread their wings to establish shops and schools in various parts of the world. The Japanese branch of Ong's Thai Massage School is the first of its kind, directly managed by Master Ong.

We are one of the few government-certified schools in Thailand.

I believe many people have seen this diploma displayed in shops. We will issue Thai government-certified diplomas to our graduates and also to students who have learned from our alumni and instructor course graduates.

Free review anytime at the Chiang Mai campus

"Graduates can review their studies at the Chiang Mai campus for free, at any time and indefinitely. Many students come back for reviews after several years. However, the Japan campus charges a fee for reviews."

A popular place to visit. YOKOHAMA

Located near the center of Yokohama City, this area offers access to three different train lines. There are numerous hotels and dining establishments in the vicinity, allowing for 24-hour shopping opportunities. The popular destinations of Minato Mirai and Chinatown are also within a leisurely walking distance of about 2 kilometers.