Would you like to take the course in the center of Yokohama?"

In the middle of Yokohama?"

Yokohama is a city where old historic buildings and modern elements blend together, with areas such as Minato Mirai, Isezakicho, Kannai, Chinatown, Motomachi, and Yamate. Our school is located within walking distance to all of these places, making it a convenient location for a leisurely stroll.

sunflat isezaki 3F
isezakichou 5-130
naka-ku Yokoham city

accses by train

keihin-line kogane-chou 7min
keihin-line hinode-chou 10min
subway blue-line bandoubashi 6min
JR kannai 15min

In Yokohama, a city where old buildings and modernity coexist, film and television shoots are always taking place somewhere. You might have seen the area near our school in some of the movies you've watched.